Life with an 8 Month Old

Life is hectic with a mobile baby.

My baby is 9 months and 6 days. He isn’t walking yet but crawls at top speeds. When he wants something he will get there, fast! His crawl was never really a crawl. It started hands and one knee, one foot then it progressed to hands and both feet. I predict he will be walking very soon. His father walked at 9 months and so far he has been taking after dad. Mom walked well over a year and was a very lazy baby! Baby pulls up on everything, does squats all day long, furniture walks, stands and lets go for a few seconds before falling. He thinks he is invincible. He crawls off the couch and bed head first into a hand stand (don’t worry mom and dad are there to help!)

Besides being mobile, baby claps, waves, is working on blowing kisses, gives raspberries, hugs, and kisses. Baby can talk a little bit now. He has said dada for awhile now but on Christmas he said mama during dinner. My heart melted. Now it seems like he says mama and dada to the correct parents, pretty smart! He also says baba but we don’t know what that refers to yet, and when he gives raspberries he says rara.

His first Christmas was so much fun. He got a lot of man toys that my boyfriend is into. Cars, a couple drum sets, a piano, building blocks, a tool box with power tools, and some stuff mom is into like books and a cool walker that turns into both a play table and also a drawing table. We were surprised to see he was actually into opening presents until he wanted to play with the toys surrounding him more.

BLW (Baby Led Weaning) is going so well and I’m so glad we did it, he eats so well and he eats everything! So far we have had 85 foods on our way to 100 before age 1. These foods include lobster, swordfish, and seaweed!!

We are working on his intolerances. So far I have successfully gave him corn in the form of cornmeal, cornstarch, and corn syrup. Just not the actual vegetable. He has also successfully had soy in all forms expect soy sauce. We also started the Dairy Ladder and have successfully gone through 3 steps! He has had all the allergens with no reaction. I’m so proud of him.

We just went to his 9 month pediatrician appointment today. He continues to be on the high end of the growth scale. He is measuring 31.25 inches (100%), 24.10 pounds (99%), and head is 46 cm (70%).

Baby has 6 teeth now! 4 top and 2 bottom. And recently started biting a ton more and drooling more so we assume more are coming soon. The biting is challenging. Me and my boyfriend have bruises all over our body! We are raising a baby alligator!

He is getting more hair but is still really bald.

One thing we have been concerned with is when baby gets upset he has developed a rhythmic twitch or tic to the left with his head. Is was very infrequent but now is every time he cries. The pediatrician is referring us to a Neurologist so fingers crossed.

Baby is still a terrible sleeper! We have tried everything, except sleep training. We don’t want to let him cry because of the rhythmic twitch. He is still up every 45 min to an hour when sick or teething and up normally every 2-3 hours. He has done a handful of 6-7 hour stretches but they are rare.

We were able to wean him off his reflux medication which makes me very happy! All he takes now is vitamin D and probiotics.

Breastfeeding is still going well. I’m just not able to pump at all anymore. I try all day and get 2 oz max. He seems satisfied though. I have tried feeding him more and my normal go to foods and drinks to increase supply and it’s not helping. But as long as baby seems satisfied I’ll keep at it. My goal is a year!

I keep putting my fibroid surgery off. It was suppose to be 3 months after my Cesarean, then Sept (6 months), then I had it scheduled for January (this month), but I recently moved it to April 9. I decided I wanted baby to be a year old so I didn’t have to stress about breastfeeding in the hospital and during recovery.

I can’t believe in less then 3 month he will be a year old. Childhood flys by so fast.