Second Birthday Quarantine

We made it to two years! Wow does time fly.

I had this huge party planned. A double party for my sisters 40th and my sons 2nd Birthday. I had specialty cakes ordered. A Paw Patrol and a Cake with mountains and a bike rider. I had paw patrol decorations and decorations for my sister saying “Beers and Cheers to 40 Years!” I had signs and banners and balloons and presents and had all the drinks and food planned. It was a surprise. It was also cancelled and rescheduled 3 times.

These’s this huge pandemic called Covid19, the Coronavirus. It’s caused everything to be closed and people to be quarantined in their houses. only essential employees are allowed to work and if we go out of the house we have to wear masks and some wear gloves. We are suppose to stay 6 feet away from everyone and there is a “Stay at Home” order in place. Literally everything is closed- parks, beaches. It’s scary.

So needless to say we have not had that huge party. I work in a school doing pediatric physical Therapy and I have been out of work since the second week in March. I first rescheduled the March 28th party to April then again May but now I’m thinking it may be pushed again. It will not be a surprise anymore. I had to explain it all to my sister. Poor girl didn’t have her big 40th party. I hope it will eventually happen at some point but it will not be a combined party either.

We had a nice day with my son for his 2nd Birthday. we went for a walk and bike ride and did decorate your own cupcakes. I put up decorations and he had plenty of gifts- just no friends.

That’s the hardest part about this- the lack of friends for him. He is way too young to understand . He screams and cries several times a week asking to hang out with his friends and cousins and see his grandparents and aunts and uncles. It’s so sad.

Obviously music classes, soccer, play dates… everything has stopped for almost two months. I see no end in site.

Don’t even get me started on finances and unemployment. There is record unemployment numbers due to Covid19. We all got a stimulus check. A one time payment to help. We are also all suppose to get unemployment and an extra $600 a week to help. Everyone is suppose to be approved. Well since I live in one state and work in another and I am part time I have been thrown around. One state says I need to apply in the state I live in so I do and then it says I need to apply in the state I work in. Then I needed to fill out a special application because I work part time and don’t normally qualify for unemployment. So I do. They finally approved that application after applying in both states several times. Sent me 3 $91 payments then stopped them saying I need to register in the other state. So I do and get denied. I am so frustrated and broke I don’t even know what to do at this point. I’m at a loss. I sent an email to both states today because you can’t get through on the call system. It’s a headache.

I can’t wait until this pandemic is over and we can go back to our normal lives.

My son is doing wonderfully though. The last few months flew by! He will be 25 months in a week. He absolutely loves to sing. Asks for music and sings all day long! Songs I don’t even know. He also loves Halloween. Mind you it’s April! Halloween books, shows, movies, songs. We draw Halloween pictures. He’s also obsessed with presents and asks for them every day! Animals are on the top of the list too. He wants animal songs, stickers, shows. He loves stickers and carries them around all day and sleeps with them at night. He got a bike for his birthday. An orange Shwinn with a Paw Patrol helmet. He loves it and we go for bike walks every nice day. He also got a trampoline that he loves. He plays hide and seek and counts to 10 and says “ready or not here I come” and comes to find us. It’s adorable. He can talk in full sentences which I love but the tantrums are challenging at times. He also has this obsession with my earrings and tries to play with them all day. It’s cute yet annoying!

We have not had his 2 year check up yet. Due to the pandemic. It’s scheduled for May but we’ll see. I did weigh him though and he was 32.8 pounds!

Two is a fun age! I love how efficiently he can communicate now. I just wish this pandemic would end so we can enjoy our days normally.

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