Loving Life

Childhood goes by so fast. We are already at 21 months! 18-21 months has been amazing. I can’t stand how much I love this little guy.

He does have his moments though, like any toddler. The tantrums can be ridiculous. Luckily for us he is a great kid and they aren’t very often. They usually spark when he’s overtired. My boyfriends much better then me at talking him down and getting him to calm himself. Especially in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t call those tantrums really, but he does have these moments randomly in the middle of the night where he is flailing and screaming uncomfortably and looks straight through us. We aren’t sure if it’s night terrors or something else, but again usually only when he’s overtired. We’re also going through a biting, hitting, throwing toys phase but it’s really not that often. He’s a great kid!

We just recently came back from a wonderful vacation. Coconut Bay Splash in St. Lucia. I can’t say enough great things about that resort. It’s an all inclusive family resort and it is amazing for kids. Highly recommended.

We were worried about traveling with a toddler. I even called the pediatrician to see what I could give him to make him sleep on the plane! Turns out he was absolutely fine. He slept about half the time and was antsy when he was awake but he did great. He didn’t have his own seat because he is under two and why spend the money on a plane ticket if you don’t have to?!

He had a pep in his step from the minute we got to the resort. He was the happiest vacation baby I have ever seen. He didn’t cry, wine, anything. He was awesome. He woke up every morning and asked for the pool, slide, or beach! He slept on the beach for 1-3 hours everyday which was nice alone time for us. I hated coming home but there was only three days before Christmas so we had to.

He has also been a different baby since we’ve been back. He’s talking more and seems smarter and more aware. Vacation was great for all of us!

Two nights before we left he fell out of his crib. So obviously the night before we left we stared at the monitor all night! I put couch pillows around his crib just in case. Since we were away 10 nights, 11 days we decided that he probably didn’t remember his old bedtime routine anyways so we switched his crib to a toddler bed and started a new routine. We were worried about the transition but he did great! The first nap he slept 3 hours and since then either sleeps through the night or wakes up once. He doesn’t cry anymore. When he gets up he gets out of bed, opens the door and walks into our room saying mama. I bring him back to his bed and he goes back to sleep. Perfect.

We all had such a great vacation that my boyfriend said we should try to go away every 6 months. I’m going to try to hold him to that!

Christmas was fun this year. He knew about Santa and the Elves. Christmas morning he ran to the tree opened his stocking and presents. Talked about Santa all day and all week before Christmas! It was adorable.

New Years we were lazy bums. We did nothing and both were in bed by 10!

We haven’t started potty training yet but he is starting to train himself. He has peed several times on it and actually asks to go pee on the potty and really goes pee when you sit him on it. He has pooped twice on the potty. I’m not pushing it, just going with the flow. He’s still young.

I want another baby so bad! Just need to talk the boyfriend into it 🙂

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