Toddler Life

Life with a toddler is hectic! I now have a 17 Month old! Months 13-17 seemed to have flew by. I have to say I love having a toddler. They have so much personality.

He is still an excellent eater! His favorite milk is Oat. He uses a fork and spoon very well and has no trouble drinking out of any type of cup or straw.

He says about 17 words with correct meaning.

He wakes up every morning and does stretches with daddy. “Reach up high and then touch your toes”.

He is a climber! He climbs on furniture, tables, window sills, and every thing else he can climb up and dangerously stand on.

We have had some huge milestones for him in the last 4/5 months. We gave up breastfeeding and he used the potty on his own cueing. We have also had some tough times.

He had two bad viruses. One lasted 10 days. He ran a 103-104 temp for that long. Wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep, wouldn’t play. He just wanted to lay on me all day. On top of that my boyfriend was away in Florida for work all week so I was alone. He was so lethargic. It was heartbreaking. Then about a month later it happened again. Thankfully this time is only lasted 4-5 days and the fever wasn’t quite as high. Having a sick child is the worst.

The potty was so awesome though! He came running in the bathroom and handed me his potty and I said pee pee on the potty? And I sat him on it and he immediately peed like a racehorse and then made a surprised face and clapped for himself! It was the cutest.

Weaning off breastfeeding was hard. It took about 3 weeks. I started weaning off days, but I couldn’t get him to nap without my boob so we did mostly car naps driving around aimlessly. This lasted for a week and then I had my first overnight trip for book club. We weren’t sure how this was going to go because I have only ever nursed him to sleep and naps and it has been all me at night since my boyfriend works full time. Well, as expected it went awful. He was up for 4 hours screaming in the middle of the night then finally passed out then did the same thing in the morning. When I got home around noon the next day my boyfriend said “Heidi it’s time to stop breastfeeding, he is addicted.” I agreed. So we did. It took two weeks after that of some sleepless, heartbreaking nights. There was a couple nights it was so bad and we both couldn’t calm him down that we actually had to take him outside for fresh air in the middle of the night. Most nights he would throw a fit for a couple hours but eventually it got better. It was all my boyfriend. He was up all night with him and stayed in the morning to do the morning nap and I drove around for the afternoon nap. I felt bad for my boyfriend. He was a trooper. Stayed up with him for 2 weeks then went to work full time during the day. We had no choice though, I had to disappear for the process. My son would not let me put him down, when he saw me he just wanted boobs. Eventually it got better and now I can put him to sleep easily with him laying on me. My next I will not always nurse to sleep! Besides all that the pain was awful. For about a week my boobs were throbbing. Every time he cried and they just throbbed and engorged more. Even wearing a shirt was painful. I hand expressed to make it tolerable. That took about a week and then I was back to normal. Like I said, it was a 3 week process for everything but I’m glad we did it.

Since weaning off breastfeeding he sleeps much better. He has cut down to 1 nap with the occasional two naps some days. And he sleeps through the night (8-10 hours) about 75% of the time now. The other 25% he wakes up 1-2 times. If you kept up with my posts you would know he has been an awful sleeper since birth so this is huge!

I still work doing Physical Therapy for the school system. This year I work all day Monday’s in preschool and elementary schools. I travel to 3 schools and have 15 children, 4 of them preschoolers not much older then my own toddler. I’ve only had one day under my belt so far and it was overwhelming meeting a brand new caseload of 15 children but once I get into a routine and get to know them I know I’ll love it!

Everyday with a toddler is new and exciting and I can’t wait to watch him grow and make memories with him.

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