Life with a 10 month old

Ahhh 10 months! That was a fun month and so far 11 months is even more fun!

Walking… technically not yet… he can take 6 steps in his own and has walked from the ottoman to the TV stand but the walking hasn’t progressed at all. He has zero interest. I know he could if he wanted to but he prefers to crawl at the moment.

Coming up on the one year mark I need to decide on which kind of milk to transition to since we failed the dairy ladder. Honestly even if we didn’t fail the ladder I wouldn’t transition to whole cows milk. It’s full of hormones and dairy isn’t great for their tummy’s or even adult tummy’s. I’ve done quite a bit of research and compared the nutritional values of all options.

Flax Milk:

Right now my plan is to do a coconut/almond milk blend.

We will start about 2 weeks before he turns one with just 2-3 oz with dinner. I want to continue breastfeeding as long as my boobs allow but with a possible upcoming surgery I need to be prepared.

Speaking of my dreaded surgery…

Both my boyfriend and I went to my pre opp appointment, here’s what happened:.

-First he said we need to make sure we want another kid bc it’s not necessary to do the surgery if we aren’t having anymore kids.

-He said there was a 1% chance of a hysterectomy, and if one of my fibroids were risky to remove he wouldn’t remove it to avoid a hysterectomy.

-He did a manual exam and said they seem like they shrunk a ton.. my last ultrasound was awhile ago and the big one was still 6 inches but during the exam he barely could feel them. So he wants me to go back March 14 for another ultrasound and then to see him again after the ultrasound. If the ultrasound shows small fibroids he said he wants to leave them alone and cancel the surgery. If they are still big then we will keep the April 9 date.

-He said as long as I’m healing well he can get me out of the hospital in a day and a half-2 Days. Which makes me feel better.

Will I have the same challenging pregnancy if the fibroids aren’t removed?

He said maybe. He can’t predict it. They don’t know if I was in pre term labor from the fibroids (he thinks so) or if I have an incompetent cervix. He said there’s no way of knowing. He said it’s not worth the surgery if the fibroids are small. He said if I got pregnant then they would monitor me extremely closely and I would have a lot of appointments. They may or may not stitch my cervix and he said I would definitely get the shots weekly from 16 weeks on incase I go into ore term labor again.

So it all depends on what the ultrasound shows March 14. That’s coming up next week so I’ll keep you posted!

Baby’s milestones at 10 months:

All the previously stated ones in my 9 month blog plus…

-Laughter constantly throughout the day, even at nothing or himself! He loves to laugh at pictures and videos of himself.

-Catching ball. He can throw and catch a ball on demand! Future baseball or football player!

-Walking. 6 steps so far!

-Following commands. I asked him to go over (across the room) and give dads belly raspberries. He crawled over, pulled up his shirt and gave him raspberries! Such a smarty pants!

We did battle what I thought was the Flu this past month. High fevers, body aches and chills, fatigue, exhaustion, feeling like you have been hit by a truck. We all had it. Me and my boyfriend didn’t go to the doctor but baby did and turns out it was a virus. Taking care of a sick baby while sick is no joke.

We saw the Neurologist today. He didn’t seem concerned about his crying twitch. We are not dismissing it but not doing further tests as of now. We have another follow up on 3 months.

My next post is the 11 month post! I can’t believe my baby is going to be a year old! It really does go by in a blink of an eye.

2 thoughts on “Life with a 10 month old

  1. I always love reading your blog. Me and the missus are starting to plan for a baby, yet I’ve been reading your updates early on as they are all well-written and it’s obvious you really take your time crafting every articles. Proud that you are a part of The Bloggers Masterclass. I’d love for you to also share your updates at #writing (a Facebook group made up of readers)

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