Life With a 9 Month Old

It is so rewarding to watch your baby grow up and learn new things.

At 9 months old baby didn’t learn many new skills, he just perfected his current skills. He can stand for about 30 seconds even on a mattress. He can get up into standing from the middle of the floor without holding onto anything. He can furniture walk like a pro. He can climb up stairs and anything else he is determined to climb up! As for walking though, he is slow. We thought he would walk early since he has been sitting unassisted since 4 Months and standing alone since 8 but he has zero interest in walking. He can get places faster crawling! Even when we hold his hands he either doesn’t want to walk with us or is a “drunk” walker. No interest whatsoever. My boyfriend walked at 9 months but I was on the lazier side walking over a year. He did take 1 step while standing 3 times, once in the bathtub, but he usually just sits or swan dives forward into our arms.

He’s still really great at pointing to what he sees and wants, turning pages to a book, clapping, giving high fives, waving, doing the fish face, giving hugs and kisses, giving raspberries, and talking. He says dog when he sees one, mom, momma, dada, and yum. He is definitely babbling a lot more. He is still working on blowing kisses but is confused and puts his hand to my mouth to blow a kiss! So cute!

Sleeping has still been a battle. My baby hates to sleep. He is down to 2 naps, some days 1 and yet still wakes every 2-3 hours on average.

His crying twitch has diminished. I was supposed to have a follow up with the neurologist last week but he wanted a better video of the twitch and I haven’t been able to get one. I moved the appointment to the end of the month. It makes me feel better that it is less frequent and I’m not as concerned anymore.

The dairy ladder didn’t go so well. He passed baked in dairy (baked cheese, milk and butter), he passed Greek yogurt. He passed goat cheese. He didn’t pass cowsmilk cheese. He got an immediate rash on his face that spread throughout his whole body including scalp. I gave him sharp cheddar though and I recently found out that’s s very strong cheese to start with. A fresh buffalo mozzarella is more mild. So when his eczema rash goes away I’ll try mozzarella. The eczema rash (which is a sigh of a food intolerance) is still a better reaction then bloody and mucusy stools which was his initial reaction. So things are getting better. We still haven’t tried soy sauce, it’s too salty for him anyways. We did try corn tortillas and that was successful. Just haven’t tried corn yet.

100 foods before 1 is going great we have hit 98 foods!

His hair is finally growing, it’s very fine and thin and blonde but definitely getting longer.

He stopped being a baby alligator and biting us until recently, so I’m assuming more teeth are on the way. I just can’t see them yet.

We are into his 10th month now and already so much has happened. Stay tuned for my 10 month post!

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