Life with a 7 Month Old

My baby turned 8 months this week. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up!

I know I say this every month but month 7 was my favorite!! My baby is growing up so quickly. Watching him learn new things, almost daily, fills my heart. This past month he started crawling!! A baby on the move is a game changer. We bought a gate and turned the office into a playroom, a gated playroom. I put down a car rug and the alphabet tiles and he loves it! Except he crawls to the gate and pulls himself up and stands and shakes it to try to escape. Silly boy.

Aside from crawling he pulls himself up to stand on every surface of the house! He even try’s to let go and will stand for about 5 seconds or less then fall. What comes with mobile baby is a lot of bumps and bruises. He thinks he is invincible and slips and bangs his head. I need to put this baby in a bubble.

He has learned how to hug and kiss on demand, although, he seems to only do this for me.. dad hasn’t gotten any hugs and kisses yet. I think dad’s a little jealous. On the other hand, baby says the word “dada” now ALL DAY LONG! “I want dada” he probably doesn’t really say “I want” but it sounds like it! So mommy is jealous of that.

Baby can wave, clap, and give high fives!

One night we were sitting on the couch and baby kept lifting up our shirts to show our tummy. We were wondering why and then he blew raspberries on our bellies! It was the cutest thing we have ever seen. We laughed every time he did it and now if our tummy’s are available we get raspberries!!

His lip from the laser surgery is healing well. It’s almost filled in with the pink tissue and we finally don’t have to clean it and pull back the skin anymore. This picture was Tuesday on his 8 month Birthday and 2 weeks post surgery:

I’m not sure what happened to his sleep. I could have been the surgery or teething, or I hear there is a bad 8 month sleep regression (which I need to research more) but baby is not sleeping. He is up every 45 min to 2 hours all night and it’s so hard to get him back to sleep. He is wide awake at night standing in his crib either crying or wanting to play. One night he was up from 1-4 am wide awake. He really only wants moms boob in the middle of the night which is hard. Dad try’s sometimes and is 50% successful. I really hope this sleep regression is short lived. Mom and dad need sleep!

I am still breastfeeding which is such a great accomplishment for me. I want to make it atleast a year. I feel like my supply has dipped a little but I’m hanging in there.

BLW (Baby Led Weaning) is going well. Baby loves all foods except eggs right now. We have tried 61 foods on our way to 100 before age 1. We are still soy, dairy and corn free but I’m hoping to trial the dairy ladder at 9 months.

Baby still has reflux but it seems like it is only at night when he lays flat. We were able to cut out the day time dose. We would like to be medicine free so we will keep trying.

I got a haircut! It was my first one since I was pregnant! My hair loss is slowing down and there’s new growth coming in (which looks ridiculous) but I feel much better with my new haircut!

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s fun and expensive to shop for his first Christmas! I said I would only buy a few things but that ship has sailed!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for month 8!

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