Life with a 6 month old

I can’t believe our baby turned 7 months this past Saturday. Everyone warns you that it flys by and it really does.

6 months was a lot of fun and also tough! Poor baby is working on tooth 5 and 6. He pretty much got all 6 teeth in one month. He is miserable cutting teeth. He won’t sleep longer then an hour or two. The other night was 45 min sleep spans… all night! We’ve tried tooth oils and even Tylenol and Motrin (even though I hate medication). He wakes up screaming in pain. But just like everything else, this will pass.

Baby Led Weaning is going well! He’s put in a full month of 1-2 meals a day depending on mom’s schedule! He still gags at times but is definitely doing much better chewing his foods. His favorites so far are Brussel Sprouts, Peaches, Zucchini, Steak, Pulled Pork, Pepperoni, Avocado, Hummus, and Peanut and Almond butter. We have tried all the allergens except shellfish so far. Still staying clean of Corn, Dairy and Soy for now because of his breastfeeding intolerance. So far we have tried 45 foods on our way to “100 foods before 1”.

100 foods before age 1:

1. BBQ chicken Crockpot

2. Broccoli

3. Mashed potatoes

4. Tuna

5. Fake cheese

6. Italian Bread

7. Eggs (A)

8. Strawberry (A)

9. Blackberry

10. Raspberry

11. Pumpkin and apple rice husk

12. Banana

13. Bacon

14. Pepperoni

15. Wheat bread (A)

16. Grapes

17. Oatmeal

18. Pasta

19. Tomato sauce

20. Peach

21. Bacon

22. Peanut butter (A)

23. Mushrooms

24. Tomato

25. Hummus

26. Avocado

27. Steak

28. Garlic bread

29. Apples

30. Waffles

31. Sausage

32. Beef

33. Yogurt

34. Salmon (A)

35. Zucchini

36. Squash

37. Veggie burger

38. Spinach

39. Pork

40. Turkey

41. Pineapple

42. French Fris

43. Almond Butter (A)

44. Rice

45. Brussel Sprouts

I put an (A) next to the allergens. Like I said we still need to try Shellfish, maybe shrimp or scallops?! We aren’t sure yet.

His 6 month vaccinations were a disaster. He was miserable with a 101 fever for 2 days. We opted against the flu vaccine. He got Fluoride varnish on his two bottom teeth because that’s all the teeth he had at that time. We will have to do the rest at his 9 month appointment. Luckily at the next 9 month appointment there are no vaccines. That will be a nice break.

Baby is doing great with his milestones. He’s been sitting unassisted since 4 months. He is on all 4’s not “crawling” yet but able to scout across the room pretty easily and go from all 4’s to sitting and back again. He is steam rolling all over the place and if sitting on a raised surface will stand up holding your hands and let go. He held himself standing for about 2-3 seconds before falling the other day. He has taken a step alone once and fell immediately but it was a great try! He practices baby planks and downward dog all day building up his core. I predict he will be crawling very soon!

He babbles a lot more now and we swear he says “Dada” most days and I’ve heard “Mama” a handful of times. He understands words like “milkies”, “sleepies”, “diapies”, “poopies”, “boobies”. He also knows the word “Dance”. He does high fives and kisses when asked.

As for me, i’m doing good. Getting use to my new early morning part time job…kinda… My hair loss has slowed down some but I’m still losing a ton. Sleep still isn’t happening and I’m exhausted but it’s all worth being a mom. Having my son is the best feeling in the world.

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