Life with a 5 Month Old

Month 5 was so much fun!

As we near the end of month 5 (he will be 6 months in just 3 days!) I love thinking back at all his developmental accomplishments. It’s so heart filling to watch your child grow and learn new things almost daily.

Baby got his first cold. Dad thought he had allergies. I mentioned to dad “maybe you shouldn’t kiss the baby”. Well baby got his “allergies” lol. Turns out it wasn’t allergies at all it was a summer cold. A bad one. After 12 days of a very stuffy nose and zero sleep unless he was in my arms and 2 doctor appts baby ended up with a sinus infection and on antibiotics. I am so anti medicine, especially so young but he needed it. We tried everything. Natural chest rub with essential oils, saline, nose suction, humidifier. Nothing helped. After 2 days in antibiotics it was 95% gone.

After his 12 days cold and another 2 weeks on antibiotics baby grew two teeth! So needless to say sleep wasn’t happening. He didn’t sleep more then a 2 hour span in a month. Momma was tired. It was just last night that he slept all night! 9.5 hours then after a feeding another 2 hours. It was well needed for baby and momma. His teeth are adorable. Bottom two front teeth. Not only does baby not like growing teeth but mom doesn’t either. Exclusively breastfeeding with those new teeth isn’t ideal.

I was trying to avoid having to go back to work but I took the plunge. I took a school based Physical Therapy job part time, and my side business of in home Massage Therapy. I work about 10-15 hours a week and most of my hours are very early before school starts, at lunch time, or at night so that baby can stay home with daddy. There’s also a little work from home time for paperwork. I have to say I’m not handling the juggling of working part time and taking care of “home” things well. I had a couple metal breakdowns since starting. It’s a lot being up all night with baby then waking early to go to work and then getting home late at night from work. I only work a couple hours at a time but they are all spread out so housework and grocery shopping has been on the back burner and honestly, I’m just exhausted. I hope I’ll get use to it.

Developmentally baby is doing great! He started sitting unsupported at 4 Months but this month can sit and lean in all directions to pick up an object and sit back up. He can also catch his balance 80% of the time. He is rolling both ways. He is not crawling yet but trying real hard and able to inch worm forward, backward and sideways. He’s a pro at going backwards. He giggles and is constantly smiling. He looks at us when we start talking or call his name. He knows who mom and dad are. He can give a high five when asked! He understands words like sleepies, milkies, poopies. He is understanding cause and effect, for example, pressing buttons to make sound or crying to get mom and dad’s attention.

Unfortunately baby still has intolerances to dairy, soy and corn. Baby also still has reflux. I hope he grows out of all that soon!

I am off the mini pill. I feel like the hormones made me crazy. It also made me bleed and spot 80% of the month. Let’s just hope I don’t get pregnant before my January Fibroid surgery.

Next up: BLW (Baby LED Weaning) at 6 Months, 6 month vaccinations, and a big NO to the flu shot!

One thought on “Life with a 5 Month Old

  1. I can relate to this much since I also have a 6 month old baby, turning 7 pretty soon. I am also amazed with all of his milestone especially sitting, crawling and being more interactive and responsive to us. It is really nice to watch them grow and develop each day!

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