Life With a 4 Month Old

I said 3 months was my favorite age so far but now it’s 4 months! I have a feeling I will say that every month as he ages.

Baby has such a personality! The faces he makes are truly priceless. I am loving every second of the day with him.

Unfortunately baby is still a terrible sleeper. He was sleeping ok then went through the 4 month sleep regression. He has had a handful of nights that he has gone 10 hours waking just once since the sleep regression but the majority of the nights are just the opposite. He use to do a pattern of 6 hours then 3, then 2, then every hour until we get up. But now it’s every 1-3 hours all night. Just the other night he woke up 10 times! Yup, 10. That was the worst he has ever slept. You would think naps would be great then…nope. This baby hates to sleep. It’s almost as though he thinks he’s missing out on something is he falls asleep. Silly boy. I thought maybe if I took him out of our room it would help. We only have AC in our bedroom so I had to wait for a cool day and night. I set up the camera in his room and had a night planned. He was in his room from 8:30pm-1:30am and woke up twice. The chair I had in his room for nursing just wasn’t working for us and I gave up at 1:30am and took him back in our room. I want to try again but it’s been so hot and I also need a new nursing chair.

His 4 month shots were awful. The 2 month shots we split up due to a possible allergy. The 4 month shots we did all together. I regret that. I feel like that many shots for a baby is too many at once. He ended up with a fever, lethargic, and just overall not himself for 2 days. I am planning to split up the 6 month shots.

The pediatrician mentioned that his reflux would get worse at around 4 months but should completely go away by 6 months. So far that is true. His reflux is terrible. It’s not “silent” anymore either. I feel so bad for the little guy.

I was a little nervous going into our 4 month appointment because I had made the decision to start Baby Led Weaning at 6 months and I kept hearing all these pediatricians recommending to start purées at 4 months and I did not want to. I had this whole BLW speech planned. (I will do a separate post on BLW) But to my pleasant surprise she is up to date on the recent research suggesting no food before 6 months AND when baby is showing all signs of readiness. She said continue breastfeeding until we chat at the 6 month appointment.

Developmentally my baby is rolling now, but only from back to tummy and only to the left. Which is a problem at night because he rolls to his belly and then gets mad that he can’t roll back. Just another one of our no sleep problems! He can sit unsupported for about 15 seconds before he topples over.

Cradle Cap. It’s so gross. They say not to pick at it because it can cause an infection but it’s so hard not to. He had it pretty bad but I consistently did coconut oil massages on his scalp and thankfully it’s completely gone now.

So let’s talk birth control. If you follow my blog you would know I have 3 fibroids that need to be removed. They caused so many problems while I was pregnant and caused me to be on hospital bed rest. I have scheduled my surgery for January 22, 2019. I’m not looking forward to it because it’s major abdominal surgery and the recovery is the same as a Cesarean, but it needs to be done. Since I’m breastfeeding the only option was the Mini Pill for birth control. I can’t have an IUD because of my fibroids (they want to wait until post surgery for that, but at that point I will want another baby!) So I had to take the mini pill. It made me feel awful. I never did well on birth control pills which is why I wasn’t on them before and had this baby! I gave it a few months on the mini pill but it made me moody and I just felt horrible on it. It also made me bleed. The whole time I was on it I bled 3/4 of every month. I just couldn’t take it anymore. So even though I want another baby, I don’t want one right now. I need to get my fibroids out. My surgeon said that if I got pregnant before my fibroid removal surgery I would probably end up on hospital bed rest again. It’s scary to not be on birth control but I feel so much better off the pill. I guess we will just wait and see!

As much as I didn’t want to return to work, I am. I got offered a wonderful position. I’ll be doing school based pediatric physical therapy. It will start when school starts in September. It is about 10 hours a week and I will still be doing in home massage therapy to my current clientele. As much as I love being a stay at home home, financially I need to work part time. Maybe that will change when we have a second child.

I am absolutely loving 4 months so far and can’t wait to see what 5 months is like!

3 thoughts on “Life With a 4 Month Old

  1. I can relate much to this as my baby is just turning 6 months old by next week. At 4 month old he would be rolling from tummy to back but cant roll back, though he would sleep continuously through the night. There is so much in store for the coming months, and I agree with you will find every month your favorite.

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