Life with a 3 Month Old

I am absolutely in love with being a mom. My baby turned 3 months today. Time is flying by so fast.

As you know baby was very breech. He came out with his legs past his head. So at 1 month we had a hip ultrasound and then again at 2 months for comparison. He also saw an orthopedic doctor. Thankfully what they had diagnosed at 1 month, mild Hip Dysplasia, was gone by his 2 month appointment. Everything looked good and it was recommended that we return for an ultrasound and X-ray at 6 month when he starts weight bearing to check again. 6 months is when they start the bouncers and really start using their legs and hips.

I was dreading his 2 month shots. I went back and forth about doing the delayed vaccination schedule, or at least asking about it because my pediatrician doesn’t automatically do that. They give all the vaccines in one appointment. This consisted of 3 shots and a drink. I kept thinking that all those shots were too much for his little body. I also thought they are professionals and know what they are doing so should just go with what they recommend. My baby is also much bigger then the average baby so he could probably handle it. My sister had a severe allergic reaction to the Whooping Cough vaccine when she was a baby, so when I was born the doctors didn’t give it to me. You are suppose to get it again when 8 months pregnant to protect baby from birth to 2 months but I declined it because I didn’t want to experiment with a possible allergic reaction while pregnant. My pregnancy was rough enough! I do want to try to get vaccinated as an adult though and I want by boyfriend to get it too because Whooping Cough is back and very dangerous. At baby’s 2 month shots I reminded the pediatrician of the family allergy. They decided to only do the Whooping Cough vaccine and to hold off on the others. They told me to watch him closely and check his temp often. He thankfully didn’t have a reaction. We returned the following week for the rest of his vaccines. Although I was a mess and sad for my baby, he took the shots like a champ and chugged down the drink.

At 3 months, baby is measuring 16 pounds 7 ounces (this was 2 days before he turned 3 months), he is a big boy. They didn’t measure his height but at 2 months was in the 99% for height. I just went up to size 3 diapers because of all the blowouts! He is getting so big.

Sleeping continues to be a struggle. He doesn’t wake up crying but just fidgets and wines. He is a breastfed baby and loves his middle of the night milk! There were a couple nights that he had a 6 hour stretch, but it’s usually 3-4. He does his longest stretch when he goes to bed around 8-9pm (when we are still awake!) then will wake up every 1-3 hours after that until we get up. He falls right back to sleep after his milk though. I’m hoping as he gets older he will start having more 6 hour stretches so mom and dad can sleep!

This past weekend I decided to be adventurous and travel with him to my sisters house in Keene, NH. About 2.5 hours away. My boyfriend couldn’t come so it was just the two of us for 2 nights and 3 days. There’s so much you have to pack for a weekend with a 3 month old. The car ride went well, he slept most of the way. The weekend did not! I don’t know if it was because dad wasn’t around (he loves his daddy), or because it wasn’t familiar to him and it wasn’t his normal routine, but he was very cranky and didn’t nap or sleep at night. I pretty much held him the whole time because he was so fussy and was up at night every hour. Babies like to be warm, and they can’t sleep with a blanket because it’s a risk for suffocation. We keep our apartment at 72 degrees. My sister doesn’t have kids and didn’t understand that. They keep their house at 62 degrees, which is way too cold for a baby. I turned it up to 68, and they kept turning it back down. I was very irritated. I changed my baby’s diaper in the middle of the night and his little legs were freezing under his fleece pjs. So although I don’t normally let him sleep in bed with me because of safety, he ended up in bed with me under the covers. Although I loved seeing my family, traveling with a 3 month old was a ton of work and we both came home exhausted.

3 months has been so much fun already and we just started it. He smiles so much, and is starting to giggle and make more sounds other then his oooos and aaaas. He copies our sounds now. He is grabbing things and shaking rattles. He sits and stands with our help. We have been practicing rolling, he has rolled back to stomach a couple times but mostly just rolls to his side. This age is so far my favorite because he is gaining strength so quickly and developing such a personality.

Even though I hate that he’s growing up so fast, I love seeing him develop into his own tiny human.

7 thoughts on “Life with a 3 Month Old

  1. There are so many things to fear and be excited about with a little one. My son was bigger too so we didn’t delay any of his shots and his 4-year-old ones are coming up in a few months. As for your visit, unfortunately even the most kid-friendly relatives without kids aren’t always understanding. My brother and his fiance had us over for a visit not that long ago and even though they are amazing with my toddler. They did not understand why we wouldn’t eat with them at their favorite super spicy restaurant. You really don’t understand without kids.

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  2. I don’t like the not sleep part of the new borne-3 month baby stage. With my last one (my4th one) I always felt like a zombie. She would wake up every 2 hours to eat. She is 11 months now and sleeping through the night! It is hard to watch your kids grow but there are some stages that are so hard to handle 🙂

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