First Time Mom Essentials Birth to 3 Months

I am still pregnant with my first baby so I’m no expert on this, but after doing some research and talking to other moms I have put together my list of important essentials. Feel free to comment and share your opinions!

For mom:

– Nursing clothes including bras and nursing covers


– Bottle warmer and sanitizer (I also like the microwave sanitizer bags for bottles and baby accessories)

– Burp cloths


– Nipple cream (I use the one from Pure Haven Essentials in the baby line)

– Nursing pillow with slip covers

– Nursing pads for those leaky boobs

– Breast pump and accessories (storage bags, etc)

Bottle Feeding:

– Bottles (different sizes)

– Nipples (different flows)

– Drying rack


– Diapers sizes newborn to 2 (I’m only buying one box of newborn diapers because they are expecting me to have a 10 pound baby!) or cloth diapers if you chose that route

– Wipes

– Diaper cream and powder

– Changing station (I have two, one in our bedroom and one in the baby room) with changing pad, changing pad cover, and washable changing pad pads

– Diaper pail with accessories

Medicine cabinet:

– Baby acetaminophen/ NSAIDs

– Vitamin D drops

– Gas drops

– Nose suction

– Thermometer

– Cotton balls

– Rubbing Alcohol

– Sunscreen depending on the season

– Pacifier liquid medicine dispenser and syringe


– Nail clippers/file

– Soft brush


– Baby wash and shampoo (I use the whole baby line from Pure Haven Essentials)

– Baby towel

– Wash cloths

– Baby tub with sling insert

– Baby lotion

– Water pouring divide for babies head


– Humidifier

– Bassinet with sheets

– Swaddle blankets

– Sound machine

– Baby monitor with camera

Awake time:

– Bouncer seat

– Infant support seat (slip covers for the boppy pillow)

– Baby gym for play time and tummy time

– Mirrors for tummy time

– Baby movies (I love Baby Einstein)


– Crib with sheets

– changing dresser

– Nursing rocking chair


– Infant car seat and two bases (one for moms car and one for dads car)

– Infant support cushion

– Winter car seat insert (obviously if you have a summer baby this isn’t essential)

– Mirror to see baby

– Baby wrap carrier

– Diaper bag with travel changing pad, diapering accessories, and disposable bags to put diapers in

– Sun shield for window

– Some say a stroller but I don’t think this is essential the first 3 months

– Pack and Play (I use this with the bassinet and changing pad options for baby sleeping in our room the first 3 months)


– Sleep and play onesies footed (I like the zip ones but the button ones will work too!) Cotton and Fleece options

– Mittens to prevent scratching

– Hats (Winter and sun hats depending on the season)

– Socks

– Winter/Summer year depending on the season including jackets

– Long and short sleeve bodysuits and pants

– Bibs


– laundry detergent (chemical free or deft)

(I use the whole baby line from Pure Haven Essentials🙂

– Pacifiers and clips

– Baby book to track milestones and document babies first few months

– Baby apps for smart phone (for growth, milestones, and keeping track of medical record)

– Books to read to baby

– Rattles

– Soft toys and books

– Security blankets

– Blankets (not for cribs or car seats)

– Teething mitten

Make a registry and have a baby shower! Babies are expensive, but it’s all worth it.

I registered at Amazon and Target.

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