I made it to March!

Today I am 26 weeks 3 days pregnant. I’ve made it so far considering they thought I would deliver at 28 weeks in January!

I went to my Midwife appointment yesterday and we scheduled my Cesarean for 40 weeks, on my due date, March 27. I don’t know if I’ll make it that long but I’m sure going to try to keep him cooking until then! The plan is to hopefully make it to my scheduled Cesarean so that my surgeon can remove the big fibroid that I have outside my uterus at the same time. This depends on the blood supply to the fibroid due to safety. If I deliver early and that particular surgeon isn’t on call, or if it’s not safe for the fibroid to be removed at my scheduled Cesarean then I will return three months later for all 3 of my fibroids to be removed.

We are finally ready for baby to come. Hospital bags are packed, bassinet is set up, baby room is complete, car seat is installed, and the essentials are purchased. We were not even close to being ready at 28 weeks!

At this point in my pregnancy there is no guaranteed NICU stay. They will obviously check his health once he is born to make sure everything is ok but if he is healthy he is coming home with us. This makes me so happy and is a huge milestone for us. About a month ago I had my sister make a NICU crocheted octopus for baby boy. I read that this crocheted octopus helps NICU babies for many reasons, one being that the babies will hold the tentacles instead of pulling at their wires. Hopefully we won’t need it for that reason but it’s a great toy for him to have as a memory.


At my appointment yesterday we went over a few questions and concerns I had about my Cesarean. Delayed cord clamping is important to me, immediate skin to skin contact, and breastfeeding within the hour. I also learned something new. I learned about the difference between having a baby vaginally vs via Cesarean and how that may affect the baby’s good bacteria levels. During a vaginal birth the baby picks up all the moms good bacteria on the way out, during a Cesarean the baby misses that important step. I read that because babies do not go through the birth canal they are not exposed to these good microbes. There are a bunch of studies that show the benefit of swabbing them with your vaginal birth fluid to improve the baby’s microbiome, which is also referred to as seeding. I read that babies born from cesarean are more prone to celiac, immune diseases and metabolic disorders. These are now associated with imbalances in the gut bacteria which can can start at birth. Conditions such as asthma, allergies, autoimmunity, obesity and autism can start with disruption of the microbiome from Cesarean babies as well. I do want to mention that babies do get good bacteria from breastfeeding and skin to skin contact with the mother so it is not all from the vaginal canal.

Below are some links to studies and interesting articles that I have found. I’m not claiming to be an expert or doctor but I wanted to share the information that I have found and read.








2 thoughts on “I made it to March!

  1. Cranio sacral therapy for cesarean babies is fantastic too. This is because there is a benefit in the babies head being squeezed out of the vagina that obviously babies born by c section miss.
    Really interesting about swabbing them with your vaginal birth fluid. Thanks for sharing.

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