Vaginal Birth vs Cesarean

I have always wanted to experience an all natural vaginal birth. My boyfriend feels the same way. He is honest with me and expresses that he isn’t excited to witness a cesarean. Completely understandable. I’m not excited to have one! I have had a handful of surgeries including melanoma removal, adult tonsillectomy, and ruptured appendix and the thought of major abdominal surgery (Cesarean) with fibroid removal isn’t sitting well with me.

My baby is growing big. At 35 weeks gestation he is in the 90% percentile weighing 6 pounds and 12 ounces. Just 2 and a half weeks prior he was 5 pounds and 2 ounces. He is also breech and there’s not much confidence from anyone that he will flip at this point. I’m small and have 3 large fibroids so there’s really not a lot of room for him to flip.

96-97% of all babies are head down before birth, 3-4% are breech. There is a 1 in 8 chance for him to flip at 36 weeks gestation, but that doesn’t factor in large fibroids.

Since I found out that baby boy is large, my mind goes back and forth about how I want to deliver, not that I have much of a choice. There’s a 99% change that I will be either a scheduled Cesarean or an emergency Cesarean. This is due to my breech baby, fibroids, and his size.

I have tried a lot of different methods for flipping him. This includes Spinning Babies techniques, laying upside down for long periods of time, and shinning a light on my lower belly. My Midwife has mentioned that we could discuss a external version with he MFM doctor and my surgeon at 39 weeks but there is a high risk with fibroids. I don’t think I want to take any more risks with this already high risk pregnancy. I feel like my baby has been though enough with pre term labor, hospitalization from 28-34 weeks, magnesium treatments and other medications, and now strict home bed rest. Emotionally and mentally my boyfriend and I have been though enough as well.

My pros for cesarean delivery:

1. If it is scheduled I will be able to have one of my fibroids removed. They can not remove all three at this point due to their location. Two of the fibroids are located inside my uterus and that would not be an easy or safe removal during a cesarean. The third fibroid is the largest and located outside my uterus and is the one which causes most of my issues. I will happily have them take that one out.

2. My lady parts won’t be ripped or cut! Thinking about vaginally delivering a possible 9-10 pound baby is a little terrifying, especially being a petite women.

3. I feel like it would be less trauma for the baby, I don’t know if this is true or not.

Cons for cesarean delivery:

1. Having a huge scar across my belly. I already have the appendix scar.

2. I hear breast feeding can be more challenging with positioning the baby due to discomfort.

3. An epidural pre surgery and pain medication post surgery. I wanted an all natural birth. With a cesarean you have to have pain medication before and after. I’m going to try to limit my pain medication after as much as I can tolerate because I want to breast feed and I don’t like taking medications, especially while nursing.

4. Possible delayed skin to skin contact and breastfeeding.

5. A Catheter.

6. Anesthesia makes me sick! I have not tolerated it well with any of my surgeries.

7. Recovery. My Midwife said with a cesarean and fibroid removal I will not be able to drive or have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. I have already not been able to drive and have been on pelvic rest since 28 weeks!

8. If this is a emergency cesarean then they will not remove my fibroid.

Pros for a vaginal delivery:

1. My boyfriend and I being about to experience a natural, medication free birth.

2. You get to make more decisions including skin to skin contact immediately, breastfeeding within the first hour, my boyfriend being able to cut the cord and be more involved with the delivery, delayed cord clamping, and so on.

3. I would be able to follow my birth plan.

Cons for a vaginal delivery:

1. Vaginal recovery! If my baby comes out 9-10 pounds that would be challenging.

2. I would need to return a few months later for fibroid removal.

I hope that since this probably will be a cesarean delivery that my next birth can be a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean). I would love to try a water birth with my next pregnancy but due to my complications with this pregnancy that will be out of the question.

6 thoughts on “Vaginal Birth vs Cesarean

  1. I had a c-section, skin-to-skin and started breastfeeding in the recovery room, almost immediately after my daughter was born. It was planned, I was in very little pain, and the scar is nothing. When it comes down to it, you won’t really care how your son gets here, nothing matters but love and safety. Good luck, thinking of you.

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  2. Try not to focus on the type of birth. The most important part is getting your sweet baby here safely. You have already been through so much. C sections aren’t that bad. I had a semi-emergency cesarean and it wasn’t that bad. The first couple days are a little rough, and my advice would be to take ALL the pain meds. After a few days, you will still need to take it easy, but it wont be as horrible as you are probably imagining. I know I was expecting the worst. If I can do it, anyone can. Good luck and hugs!

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