Home for Valentines Day

It was very emotional for me to leave the hospital. I have been there for 40 days with constant monitoring and care. Although I wanted to go home so badly, there was a sense of security in the hospital.

I woke up the morning of my discharge at 5:30 am. I was showered and packed by 6 am! My boyfriend got held up at work so he couldn’t pick me up right away. I signed my discharge paperwork at noon and left around 2 pm.

My nurse was so sweet and took us down the staff elevator and gave me a big hug goodbye. My nursing assistant gave me a very thoughtful going home gift. The staff there were all so nice and caring.

When I got into my boyfriends truck I immediately started crying. I’m not really sure why. Tears of happiness, fear, or maybe just pregnancy hormones!

I have not been out in the real world since I was 28 weeks pregnant. I was obviously much larger and more awkward now. I also have not done anything in 6 weeks except short walking and sitting. Getting into the truck was a workout itself. Even the car ride home with all the bumps. I just wasn’t use to the feeling of having my baby move around in my belly while in a car. Every bump I felt him move around in his home of fluids in my belly. It was a weird feeling. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed it or been so sensitive to it if I wasn’t in the hospital for so long. Everything felt foreign to me.

By the time we got home I was so exhausted from the excitement of going home and journey to get home that when I laid on the couch to watch a show with my boyfriend I passed out immediately. That night I slept so soundly, I barely even got up to pee.

The next day was Valentine’s Day.

I really did try to follow my bed rest rules, but looking around the apartment there was so much to do. I wanted to unpack my hospital bags, put away laundry, organize, get the baby room ready, get the baby clothes ready to wash… my list was endless. I realized quickly that I didn’t have the stamina to accomplish all that. Although I wasn’t suppose to, I did get some things done. I also rested a good amount and took a long afternoon nap. It’s much harder to be on bed rest at home then in the hospital.

That night we attempted to go out for a nice Valentines Day dinner. I thought I would be ok. It was just walking and sitting. My boyfriend dropped me off and picked me up at the door. Walking into the restaurant and to our seat was exhausting and after stuffing my face with real, delicious food, I had to rest on the trip back to the car. It was nice to eat non hospital food though! That night I was contracting a ton and barely slept. I was very uncomfortable. I woke up with extremely sore leg muscles just from walking!

I realized that I have done too much and really did need to follow my bed rest rules. So today I will rest, I want baby boy to stay in as long as possible.

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