The Transition From Hospital Bed Rest to Home Bed Rest

Tomorrow, February 13, marks 34 weeks pregnant.

I can’t believe I was admitted into the hospital, on IV meds, and touring the NICU at 28 weeks pregnant. I’m so happy that our baby has been able to stay inside me growing and developing for this long. 34 weeks gestation is such a huge milestone for us.

I had an ultrasound this morning which shows that baby is still Frank Breech, which is much better then footling breech. My fluid levels looked good, baby looked good, and he was even doing some practice breathing. The MFM doctor told us that at this point in my pregnancy with baby’s age, size, and position it was a safe time to go home, pending a cervix check. I was so excited! I came back to my room and started packing. I knew I still had to pass the cervix check but my excitement got the best of me.

Just a few hours later I had my cervix test and thankfully it showed no change. Not only was there no change but baby was sitting a little higher then last time and taking some of the pressure off my cervix. I’m not the only one who wants to go home, clearly baby does too!

When I go home I will still be on strict bed rest. I was advised to only get up for bathroom trips, showers, and meals. Even though they are sending me home, I could still go into labor at anytime. I was also advised not to drive to my weekly appointments incase I go into labor, or they end up keeping me here again. It will definitely be harder to stay on bed rest at home. I’m sure I’ll be looking around thinking about all the things I could be doing to prepare for the baby.

I will be coming back weekly for my OB appointments and ultrasounds. If I don’t deliver on my own then they will schedule a Cesarean at 39 weeks. The doctor that will perform the surgery agreed to remove the large fibroid that it outside of my uterus, if he is able. The two smaller fibroids that are in my uterus need to be removed at a later time.

Of course I’m so excited to go home. I get to eat what I want, when I want. I’ll get to sleep in my own bed and I’ll finally get a good nights rest without nurses coming in to check on me. I’ll be with my boyfriend in the comfort of our own home. I will be so great to not be stuck in one room and to be able to breath in fresh air. But at the same time I am nervous too. I have had the safety of being in the hospital for almost 6 weeks, being monitored daily, hearing the baby’s heartbeat daily, having frequent ultrasounds, and vital checks. If I ever had a concern I could ask right away. It was definitely a luxury for a nervous first time mom. When I go home I’ll just have to trust what I know, trust what I feel, and trust that the baby is ok without hearing him on the monitors. I do have a cardiac stethoscope to listen to him if I become a worry wort! I was told that since I do contract all the time to watch out for bleeding, a gush of fluids, or painful contractions that I have to breath through. I know how I have felt these last 6 weeks so if I feel anything different then I will rush to the hospital. The drive to the hospital also makes me nervous. We live about an hour and 15 min from the hospital with no traffic. So best case scenario if I go into labor in the middle of the night or while my boyfriend is home in the morning or after dinner (except rush hour) then we can get to the hospital in a fairly reasonable amount of time. My boyfriend works all over the state so he could be 45 min away from me and have to drive to get me then make our way to the hospital, which could take 2 hours. The doctors and my midwife know this and if they still think it’s safe for me to go home then I trust them. I just really hope baby stays in until my scheduled 39 week Cesarean.

So after 40 days here in the hospital, as long as I make it through the night without going into labor, I get to go home! I’ll even make it home for Valentines Day.

13 thoughts on “The Transition From Hospital Bed Rest to Home Bed Rest

  1. I am so glad you get to go home, and for valentine’s day too. How lovely. I hope that things go smoothly now for you and baby until your csection date.

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  2. Oh well done my love!!! I only know how you feel, after having a prem baby myself it’s utterly terrifying. He was actually ‘preterm’ at 36w and so we anticipated all would be well, but unfortunately we had a nicu stay and a few procedures, BUT we were out within 8 days. Thankfully, 18 months later you would never know, he’s a billion miles away from the delicate soul he was then. You’ll do this, I can tell!!

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  3. Oh I am so glad you have reached this point and you get to go home. What a worry it must have been and I can’t imagine that spending 6 weeks in hospital is any fun at all! Fingers crossed baby keeps cooking nicely and you make it to csection date 😁

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  4. Sorry you’ve had so much time in hospital, and that you still have to rest up when you get home. Still, think of all the rest you’re getting which Junior will destroy when (s)he arrives! He can’t wait to get out and play in the middle of the night. Thankful Thursday Week 6

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  5. I’ve had two prem babies, one at 25+6 and one at 34 so know what you’re going through. To make it to 34 weeks is amazing and Poppy was born at 34 weeks and was home within 2 weeks as just needed help with feeding and controlling her body temp. Having had one prem, the chances were high again so I had a cervical stitch at 16 weeks followed by twice daily hormone pessaries…yet still my waters broke at 33+5! FIngers crossed you little one holds on a bit longer! I bet you can’t wait to get home to your own bed! xxx

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