Hospital Prisoner

Being stuck on hospital bed rest is not easy, especially while pregnant.

Getting comfortable is impossible. Pregnancy is uncomfortable anyways, even in the most luxury accommodations. Trying to sleep on a plastic, thin mattress in a skinny hospital bed while 8 months pregnant is out of the question. I miss my own bed, dark quiet room, and pregnancy pillow! There’s also the privacy factor. Thankfully the nurses have gotten to know me and know not to bother me at night anymore, but at the beginning of my bed rest they had to come in every 2 hours to check on me. Now I have my vitals and meds between 10pm and midnight, and then they are back in around 8am for more vitals. Breakfast arrives at 8am as well whether I’m ready or not! I have a few nurses that like to check my babies heart rate on the Doppler at 5:30-6am for some reason but it doesn’t happen every morning. You can’t drown out the sounds in the hallway of the nurses checking in on the other patients though, and my shades are see through so if you’re a light sleeper like me you never get a good nights rest. I do have a sound machine app on my phone and I cover the monitor lights with towels but it’s not very helpful.

Then there’s the hospital food. Not that I was the worlds best eater before I arrived here but I at least tried to eat organic, healthier options. The prepared food here is probably full of preservatives and the options are not great. I’ve learned what not to order and what is not listed on the menu that you can ask for which helps. I’m pretty content with my breakfast options but lunch and dinner have been a struggle. When my boyfriend comes on the weekends I get very excited for take out! There is also the battle of pregnancy cravings. Pregnancy cravings change so often so when you have to fill out your meal plan 1-2 days prior, it’s hard to know what you even will want to eat. Forget having a random craving during the day, you get your three meals and that’s about it. I have a snack bag in my room but it’s really just full of crackers Incase I’m hungry between meals. Luckily, I can ignore my cravings for the most part. Except Lindt chocolate balls… I have bags of them in my room!

My emotions have been up and down since I arrived. I’m sure the pregnancy hormones don’t help at all. Some days I wake up and I’m in an ok mood, I walk down the hall to say hi to the nurses and try to crack some jokes. Some days I don’t leave my bed and I am teary eyed for most of the day. It’s definitely not easy. I know the nursing schedules by heart and when to expect someone to come into my room for housekeeping, doctor visits, midwife visits, blood work, vitals, monitoring, or meals. I look forward to guests coming (although I’m far away from everyone so visits are sparse) and I look forward to my boyfriend coming on weekends. Weekends are my favorite, my happiest time. But come Sunday night or Monday when he leaves I tend to ball my eyes out every time. I try not to but I blame my pregnancy hormones.

There’s also the issue of preparing for the baby. I’m very OCD and a planner so being in here with nothing done at home is eating away at me. Well, I can’t say nothing is done at home. My boyfriend did hang the baby’s curtains, put down the rug, and set up the crib and changing dresser. But I still didn’t pack a hospital bag, wash the baby clothes, set up the bassinet, but a car seat or anything for that matter, or even have a baby shower. And none of this was part of my birth plan!

I do believe that everything happens for a reason and things will all work out, so I’m just trying to stay positive until we get to meet this little cutie.

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