One Month in the Hospital

Friday February second marked one month in the hospital.

I woke up feeling a little depressed that day. I couldn’t believe that I’ve been stuck in the hospital a month. When I picked up my phone and scrolled through Facebook I saw a post from my boyfriend marking my one month anniversary in the hospital, I thought it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever read and broke down crying! He has been so wonderful and supportive through this whole pregnancy and I couldn’t have stayed so strong without him by my side. Although he wasn’t able to come visit that day, he came the next day and brought me dinner. Sunday we went on another outside adventure to get some fresh air, it seems like such a small thing but I loved going on outside adventures with him. Even though I had to take a wheel chair it was amazing just to breath in fresh air.

My midwife has also been amazing through this whole process. As a one month gift, she brought me in a blanket for the baby. It’s a beautiful light blue crocheted blanket that was given to her by her Aunt. My nurses have also been great. One of them brought me in a Patriots scarf to wear for the Super Bowl that was that weekend.

It was baby Rogans first Super Bowl, Patriots vs Eagles. Since I’m a football fan and also grew up in New England we would definitely be watching the game from the hospital! My boyfriend came to watch the game with me and he made us a taco dip that could be eaten cold since we didn’t have access to an oven. The nurses were very accommodating and found a room with the clearest TV picture. Both the doctor on call that night and my midwife checked in on us to make sure we were able to watch the game ok. Everyone was so kind and baby Rogan was ready for the game!

Unfortunately the Patriots didn’t win that game, but there’s always next year!

I have spent a month in the hospital before. When I was in 6th grade my appendix ruptured and I was allergic to pretty much everything they gave me and I had some complications. It was a full month in the hospital then and when I got discharged I had to have a home nurse for another month. That was a tough time, I remember it very clearly.

I haven’t had the best of luck with things medically. A few years ago I had Melanoma on my right butt cheek and had to have surgery to remove it. Luckily all the margins came back clear and thankfully I have been ok since. I was out of work for a month for recovery. Then last year I had to have emergency tonsil surgery at age 34! I was out of work for 6 weeks because of that as well.

Since they thought I would deliver this baby at 28 weeks and I have made it to 32 so far, I think of this baby as my little medical miracle.

2 thoughts on “One Month in the Hospital

  1. I’m so sorry your stuck in the hospital. That must be rough. Its fabulous that your boyfriend is so supportive and the hospital staff is being so great! Hope that baby keeps baking a while longer. My cousin had a 34-weeker and he was born completely healthy. He had to stay in the NICU for a couple weeks but now he’s almost 2 and you’d never know he was early. Fingers crossed for you and your baby. Hugs!

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