Living in the Hospital

Week 3 of hospital bed rest.

At my 20th ultrasound they saw no real change in my cervix. I’m still 1cm dialated, 90% effaced, thin, soft, and showing significant funneling. The good news is that my constant contractions haven’t changed my cervix much recently and baby Rogan is doing great! He is measuring big at 4 pounds and 6 ounces. They said that at this point they want to focus on the baby flipping to avoid a Cesarean. He is Footling Breech right now. When they did my cervix exam they could feel his foot.

As you can see, Footling Breech is clearly not ideal! I was told to watch for a foot sticking out of me! I thought they were joking until I kept hearing that same thing from several different doctors and nurses. I was told that they have seen it happen and he could break my water with his foot and I would see his foot coming out of me. Wow, can you imagine?! I would definitely take pictures before calling the nurse! They also said it can be dangerous because his foot is so small that the umbilical cord can prolapse and come out first or at the same time as his foot. So of course every time I went to the bathroom I would get nervous and look!

Since I have been on strict bed rest and not much has changed they decided to switch things up a bit. They told me I can walk to the kitchen, but I have to stay on this floor. If my contractions get worse or anything triggers them then I need to lay down. They thought if I was up and moving a little more he may flip. I was also told to lay in bed with my legs and bum elevated at the head of the bed and lay on the opposite side that his head is on. I guess being inverted helps them flip and they also they tend to flip forward so I would lay on the side that would have him roll forward. Which was my right side. My fibroids are on my left side and it seems that he loves to hang out with my fibroids because he lives on my left side. Maybe they keep him warm or keep him company! It’s worth a try!

I found out that the two other AntePartum patients that were on this floor with me also due in March both had their babies. So I’m the only one left. I’m so thankful that I have been able to keep this baby in me for this long, but living in the hospital has been an emotional struggle. Maybe now that I’m allowed to get up and walk a bit it will help my state of mind.

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