The Recovery Floor

Most people come to the recovery floor after delivery for 48-72 hours depending on if it’s a Cesarean or vaginal birth. I’m considered an “Ante Partum” patient. Which pretty much means you hang out until you deliver!

I don’t mind it too much on this floor, I can wear regular clothes instead of the hospital gown and I’m not continuously attached to wires.

I was only on this floor a week before they sent me back up to Labor and Delivery for constant monitoring again. It was a series of events that sent me back upstairs. I lost my mucus plug then started slowly leaking fluids, then a couple days later I had bright red blood appear. When they checked my contractions that next morning they were two minutes apart again. They transferred me upstairs at midnight that night with no warning.

When I got upstairs I was immediately told to change into a hospital gown and hoked up to IV fluids and the NST monitors. They did a swab test for pre term labor and it was positive for leaking amniotic fluid. This test shows that there’s a chance that you will deliver in the next two weeks. They also checked my cervix and I was 1cm dialated. I definitely did not sleep that night.

No one told me how long I would be up there so I assumed I was staying the next night too. I finally fell asleep and was woken up at midnight again to be moved back to the recovery floor. I guess a lot of births came in and they needed my room. So I headed back downstairs to a nice quiet corner room. I didn’t mind because I actually liked my new room better! I was happy to change into real clothes and be free from all the wires.

I found out that there was two other Ante Partum patients on this floor as well, and they were also due in March. These March babies are trouble makers!

Since I was quickly moved up to Labor and Delivery for what I considered to be no reason, I decided I was going to be selective about the information I told my nurses. I didn’t feel like I was in labor that day and I’m sure when I do go into labor I will know.

If I have to stay in the hospital on bed rest, I would rather not be moved from room to room and on and off wires.

I quickly learned which nurses were more conservative with their treatments then others and which nurses to share new symptoms and concerns with and when to hold back information. I didn’t feel like this was putting me at risk. I know the important information to share and I’m sure I’ll know when I’m in labor!

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