Preparing for a Premie

When I was admitted at 28 weeks I was already terrified. I had a plan. I wanted a healthy, unmedicated pregnancy and birth. I wanted to deliver vaginally, and like any mom, I wanted to take the baby home with me after birth.

I couldn’t believe at only 28 weeks we were at high risk of delivering. There was a crib in our room ready for him! It was definitely an eye opener!

Within the first 4 days of being hospitalized we met with anesthesia, met with NICU, and toured the NICU floor. NICU told us they were saving a bed for us. It was all so surreal and happening so fast.

When we toured the NICU we saw a baby that was a little over a pound. We couldn’t believe how small that baby was. Since our baby was about three and a half pounds (growing big for his gestational age) they also showed us a set of twins around that weight so that we had an idea of what to expect. Those babies seemed big compared to the first baby we saw.

I asked about things we needed to buy for a premature baby and they told me that we really didn’t need anything. Clothes aren’t used initially because of all the wires. I also asked about the use of a pacifier and formula because on my birth plan I was trying to avoid use of both. They said NICU babies have to use pacifiers because their sucking reflex isn’t fully developed and it teaches them how to feed. They said that formula isn’t used because premie babies stomachs aren’t able to tolerate it. They use donor breast milk until I am able to produce enough to give him myself.

They told us to expect him to stay in the NICU until close to my due date. I was admitted January 5 and my due date is March 27.

When we came back to the room I just burst into tears.

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