Hospital Bed Rest

I had a few health issues on the Labor and Delivery floor. After the Magnesium treatment I had a lot of trouble breathing. I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest with upper back pain and very shallow, quick breaths. I found out I had collapsing lungs with fluid in them. I did some breathing physical therapy exercises and within a few days it started to get better.

I also had this weird moment when my heart rate was 180 then dropped to 78 so a whole team of medical professionals rushed in my room. They thought it was the baby. Now I had a cardiac team bothering me daily!

My Thyroid TSH levels were high, so was my WBC count, platelets, and antibodies. I was told I was anemic. Due to my TSH levels I also had endocrine visiting me too!

The baby did have one deceleration on the monitor when his heart rate went down to 90 for two and a half minutes. They took me to ultrasound and everything looked fine.

After a week in Labor and Delivery I was sent down to the recovery floor. I was officially on hospital bed rest and pelvic rest until further notice.

They put me on twice daily stool softeners because they didn’t want me pushing! I also ended up with a bladder infection from all the manual cervix checks and vaginal ultrasounds. I do get chronic bladder infections outside of being pregnant and see a urologist regularly due to the inside of my bladder being abnormal so I wasn’t surprised about that.

I was on and off IV fluids initially when I first got to my new room. Nothing seemed to be calming down my contractions. Thankfully on this floor I didn’t have to be continually monitored. My order was twice a day for the first few days then once daily in the morning with a doppler reading before bed. It felt great being off all the wires.

They think my 3 fibroids, especially my large one, is making my uterus irritated causing my contractions. My contractions run anywhere from 2-10 min apart depending on the day, sometimes they are consistent and sometimes they are sporadic. Regardless, they are telling my body that i’m in labor and causing cervix changes.

I kept hoping they would send me home and I was asking almost daily what the plan was for me but I never got a definitive answer.

This will be a long third trimester.

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