The Hospital Stay

At my OB appointment I was told I would stay in the hospital one night for observation due to a prednisone allergy because they needed to give me a course of two steroid injections to strengthen the baby’s lungs incase I gave birth early.

I was hooked up to a NST (Non Stress Test) for the night while they monitored me and the baby. NST monitors my contractions and heart rate and also the baby’s heart rate. Thankfully I made it through the night with no reaction to the medicine. I thought they would send me home. When the DR came in he said that I was contracting a lot, every 2 minutes, and they wanted to keep me for monitoring. With my cervix changes and constant contractions they told me I was in high risk pre term labor. They then gave me IV fluids to see if they could calm my contractions down. No luck. I was then put on a high dose if IV Magnesium for 72 hours.

I don’t know if anyone has had high dose IV Magnesium while pregnant but it’s absolutely terrible. They start with a Bolus, which is a very high dose for 30 minutes. Your whole arm goes numb, you can’t see anything, you get extremely hot, and feel like you have the flu. So much for my planned unmedicated pregnancy and birth. After the bolus they drop the dose and keep it at a pretty constant rate depending on how bad the contractions are. Your symptoms get slightly better but not much. Unfortunately the Magnesium treatment didn’t help.

On top of everything they didn’t feed me for 4 days, not even water. They said it was Incase I had to have emergency Cesarean surgery. Starving a pregnant person should be illegal!

I had another ultrasound and my cervix was very thin, 80% effaced with significant funneling, but I wasn’t dialated yet. They talked about maybe sending me home with a medicine that I would take if I felt contractions. The next day they told me they couldn’t give that medicine to me due to my low blood pressure. So they started me on a medicine called Indocin which shouldn’t affect my blood pressure. I asked them what it was and they said it was a pain reliever and NSAID. I tired to refuse it because I know you aren’t suppose to take NSAID’s while pregnant. They assured me a small course would be ok and they needed to try to stop my contractions because it was changing my cervix. So I was on Indocin for 48 hours. Still only a minimal change in my contractions.

Friday January 5th I went to my scheduled OB appointment at 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I was in Labor and Delivery for a week with no sign of going home. Nothing was ready for baby, my hospital bags weren’t packed, and now my birth plan was falling apart.

Thankfully baby Rogan was fine through all the medication and was recovering from my contractions well.

This is the beginning of my story being on hospital bed rest over an hour from my house due to high risk pre term labor at 28 weeks.

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