Second Trimester

For most, the second trimester is the most comfortable and stress free time. The morning sickness has subsided, you look pregnant now and instead of looking like you ate too much, you have already made the announcement to friends and family, and you can still move around and function because you aren’t awkwardly large yet.

For me the struggle continued. My fibroids were extremely uncomfortable sitting right under my ribs on my kidney, liver, and diaphragm. Work continued to be a challenge and I was still calling out a lot, but not because of vomiting this time, it was now due to pain and discomfort.

During the second trimester you usually get an anatomy scan done. This is about an hour ultrasound that measures every nook and cranny of the baby! During ours we found out that Rogan has a “bright spot” on his heart. This is considered a soft marker for Down Syndrome. The MD assured us that it was nothing to worry about because our genetic testing came back normal and that is 99% accurate, but as a parent you still worry. They offered us the amniocentesis test to be sure but we weighed the risks and decided against it.

The day before thanksgiving I was so excited to leave work early and enjoy a long weekend. The weather was miserable that day with torrential downpours and flash flooding. I was getting onto the highway to head home and the car in front of me slammed their breaks, they hit the car in front of them and I hit the car in front of me. I just couldn’t stop in time and the roads were too slick from the rain. Thankfully I was ok and so was my Jeep Wrangler. The women I hit was an OB and wasn’t concerned about anything except my unborn baby. I called my midwife and headed straight to Labor and Delivery. Did I mention that I live over an hour from my hospital and Midwife?!

They put me on the monitors for a fetal non stress test. I was showing contractions so they said they would need to monitor me for 2-24 hours until my contractions subsided. Baby Rogan looked good thankfully. Luckily my uterus calmed down and I was sent home after 4 hours.

The car accident made my fibroids shift to a more comfortable position, so that was the good news, at least for now.

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