Finding out the Gender

Technology has come a long way. Now, at just 10 weeks you can get a blood test called NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) to find out any genetic disorders, including Down Syndrome. You can also choose to find out the sex of the baby. It’s a simple blood test that sifts the babies DNA out of the mothers blood. It usually takes about two weeks for the test to come back but worth the wait.

My boyfriend suggested that we keep the gender a surprise, but I really wanted to know. It’s our first child and a surprise pregnancy and I felt like I needed to prepare. I said if we have a second child we can have the gender be a surprise then.

We did the NIPT test at about 10 weeks and found out the results exactly two weeks later. I was nervous about the genetic results because I have Down Syndrome in my family. It was a long two weeks.

I told my Midwife that when she called with the results I wouldn’t answer unless my boyfriend was with me. We wanted to hear the results together. So she left a voicemail on my phone while I was at work one day and it took everything in my power not to listen to it! That night my boyfriend didn’t get home until 10 pm and we listened to it together.

The genetic test was normal and we were having a boy!

I was thrilled because I always wanted a boy. My boyfriend didn’t have a preference, but his father did. He wanted a boy to carry on the family name.

We are all very excited to meet this baby boy.

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