Finding out you are pregnant

Our pregnancy was a surprise!

We weren’t sure if we wanted kids or not. Age is definitely a factor for me. If I was going to start a family, I always wanted kids before 35. I going to be turning 36 and we talked about the idea of traveling more and getting a dog. Now that we are expecting, I would like to still travel and expose our child to many different cultures and languages and when the time is right we will get a furry friend to join our family.

The week before I found out was my boyfriends birthday week. We went to dinner almost every night that week and of course enjoyed many beverages. The day before I found out we disappeared to the beach for the day for his birthday. I woke up the next morning and just felt funny. I couldn’t really describe it but I didn’t feel like myself. I remembered I was suppose to start my period that week and decided to take a pregnancy test.

There was no part of me that thought it would say positive, but when I went back to look at it and saw a double line I was speechless and scared. I wasn’t sure if I should call him at work or wait until he got home. There were so many emotions running through my head. I decided to call him. I also decided called my midwife for advice. She calmed me down and had me make a 6 week ultrasound appointment to confirm a heartbeat.

We both were a mess that day and didn’t know what to do. I had planned a surprise dinner for him for his birthday with his entire family and he didn’t want to go out. I had to tell him about the surprise to get him to go to dinner with me. Since I’m a lover of craft beer and wine everyone noticed I wasn’t drinking. Although we were both distracted by the news, the dinner was a success.

Sometimes life likes to throw little surprises at you, but we are now so excited to meet baby.

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