I was so excited after my first ultrasound (at 6 weeks) everything looked great and baby had a strong heartbeat.

About a week later I had bad stomach pain and cramping. At times I had to sit down and breathe through it. I didn’t have much bleeding, just a little spotting. I waited about a week to see if the discomfort diminished and then I called my Midwife to see if it was normal. Since this was my first pregnancy, I wasn’t sure if this was normal, growing pains or something that I should be concerned about. My Midwife wanted to see me right away.

I had another ultrasound at 8 weeks. The baby was doing great! They found 3 fibroids. At that time two of them were smaller, about 1-2 inches each and located inside my uterus. The third one was large, about 5 inches and located outside my uterus. My Midwife told me that I probably had them before becoming pregnant. I never knew I had them because I didn’t have any symptoms. Fibroids grow by feeding from the pregnancy hormones.

I was told they would cause me pain. Some days would be worse then others but there’s nothing they can do about them except monitor their growth and location with more frequent ultrasounds. They told me to notify my work incase I had to call out frequently. They asked me if I wanted pain medication to ease the discomfort, but I didn’t, my plan was a non medicated, natural pregnancy.

So now I needed to tell my work at just 8 weeks pregnant when we haven’t even told friends and family. I work in Physical Therapy so it’s not a sitting job and about half of my shift was in the pool doing aquatic therapy. My work pulled me from the pool for safety reasons and was very understanding about my complicated pregnancy.

I’m glad I told them because I had to call out of work a lot….

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